Veteran Support


Pensions, Welfare, Advocacy and Support

Veterans support and welfare is a key part of our RSL activity, and we have provided a dedicated Pensions and Welfare Office, and  administrative support for our Pensions Advocates and Welfare Advocates. The office open Wednesdays from 9.00 am


Our Pensions Advocates:


Michael Carlon


Our Welfare Advocate:


Susan Carlon


Veterans support is made available to all who qualify:

  • Pensions
  • Medical
  • Home Maintenance
  • Financial
  • Outings
  • Home Visits

Please Contact our RSL Sub-Branch and we will put you in touch with our Pensions and Welfare Advocates.





Veteran support for suffers of this disease can access support from the Mesothelioma Centre at Contact Hannah Bessinger at


or go to






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